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When Chaos Comes Calling
Season 2, Episode 54
Ep 53
Air date November 23, 1994
Written by Tad Stones
Directed by Rob LaDuca
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Chaos is a flying cat with godlike powers who thrives on the unpredictable. When Mirage can't destroy Agrabah, she convinces him that the place is too commonplace and boring, so that Chaos pays Aladdin a visit. While there, he gives surprising twists to Aladdin's life, such as an evil twin and genie, and sets out to make his life more exciting. All the while, Mirage watches, unaware that this is really just a clever plan by Chaos himself to teach her a lesson about always being evil.


When Mirage can't destroy Agrabah because of Aladdin, she makes a flying cat named Chaos, who has godlike powers, pay a visit to make the place unpredictable.

When Aladdin and Jasmine are having a banquet at the palace while The Sultan is away, Chaos appears and turns the place into a disaster, such as turning Hakim into a hippo, one of the guests into a donkey head, couples with kangaroo legs, and Iago's head into the head of his voice actor, Gilbert Gottfried. After the guests leave the banquet, Abu tells everyone that he saw Chaos. Genie tells them that Chaos has more powers than genies. Jasmine tells the cat to leave Agrabah, but he gets mad and shrinks her.

When Jasmine turns back to normal, Chaos tells everyone that he thinks their lives are boring and they tell the cat that they have fought a variety of villains in the past. Things are going well until Genie tells Chaos that Aladdin always wins the fights. So Chaos brings in an Evil Aladdin to see which one of them will win. Evil Aladdin later brings in an Evil Genie to destroy Agrabah.

Meanwhile, Mirage has been watching. She then hears Aladdin and the others talk about how boring she is and decides to pay a visit. When Evil Genie picks her up, she tells Aladdin to rub the lamp so the genie can disappear.

To everyone's surprise, Mirage saved Agrabah from being destroyed. After Mirage angrily disappears, Chaos tells them that he has been making a plan to teach Mirage a lesson about always being evil.

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