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Witch Way Did She Go?
Season 2, Episode 39
Ep 73
Air date November 5, 1994
Written by Bill Motz and Bob Roth
Directed by Rob LaDuca
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Episode 47: In the Heat of the Fright
Episode 48: The Seven Faces of Genie



Aladdin and his friends are gathered at a table in Sadira's place. While Sadira is looking through her cabinet, Iago tells Jasmine that even though she and Sadira are now friends, he thinks she is still evil. Aladdin tells Jasmine that Iago could be right, but the princess doesn't believe them.

Sadira brings the gang a pot of soup. After Iago tastes it, his body turns into an hourglass, with Aladdin thinking this was Sadira's evil spell. He tells Genie to change Iago back, but Genie tells him that he can't mix sand magic with genie magic. Sadira can't find anything to change Iago back, so she tells the parrot that he will change back as soon as the sand runs out. Jasmine invites her to have dinner at the palace. Sadira dumps the stew and after she and the gang leave, three sand witches, Razili, Farida, and Shakata, come out.

Abu and Iago are at the palace garden. Iago's body turns back to normal after the last sand falls. But then, a giant snake appears and goes inside the palace. The witches are in Sadira's lair looking through the snake's eyes. Iago and Abu get Aladdin to attack the snake. While trying to defeat it, Aladdin sees that it's made out of sand. Genie appears and Aladdin tells him to wet the snake.

After Genie wets the snake, he, Aladdin, and the animals think that Sadira was responsible for it and the four go into Jasmine's room and accuse Sadira. When Jasmine tells her that she's the only one who can do evil sand spells, Sadira misunderstands her by thinking that the princess is saying that she's guilty and calling her sand spells evil, so she storms out of the palace. When she goes back to her place, she meets the three witches, who ask her to become one of them. Sadira runs off to warn the gang about the witches, but she overhears them saying mean things about her, so she goes back to the witches and decides to join them.

Aladdin and the others go to Sadira's place and see what's going on. The witches notice them and trap them. They then turn Sadira's lair into a series of tall black towers that surround the city with the help of a magic staff. After Sadira releases the gang, she tells them that she fooled the witches into thinking she's on their side, but no one, aside from Jasmine, believes her. So Genie locks her up in a treasure chest and throws it out the window and everyone fights the witches, who trap them again.

Sadira returns with the staff and tells the witches to open a portal to a Realm of Mists. When the witches do so, Sadira pushes them in and frees the gang. Shakata grabs her and tries to make her fall as well. Aladdin grabs Sadira by the hand, but her hand slips and she falls down and the portal closes. Aladdin and the others begin to realize that Sadira wasn't evil after all. The portal opens, Sadira comes out, traps the witches, and everyone apologizes to her.

Everyone is back at the palace balcony with genie getting rid of the towers. Iago is suspicious about Sadira having the staff and Sadira turns Iago's body into an hourglass again. She breaks the staff and everyone, except Genie, who is still conducting, laughs at Iago.

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