Zin and Zang
Zin and Zang
Full name

Zin Lao and Zang Lao


Heatstroke Delirious Runaway Screaming Guy (to Zin by Genie)


Both Male


Pei Ling City


Guardian of Pei Ling City


Opposites Detract


Zin is the good and kind-hearted one while Zang is his evil half twin. When both twins merge together, they become a powerful dragon of different colors and personalities depending on the balance between Good and Evil. If Zin were more powerful than Zang, then, they would turn together into a white dragon known as the Good Dragon, which is considered to be the city of Pei Ling's protector but if Zang were stronger, they would turn together into a red dragon known as the Evil Dragon, which prefers to destroy the city rather than protect it.


They are both Asian men (they appear as twins almost with their colors reversed). Both have long hair tied neatly in a low ponytail and busy eyebrows. Their have black hair, tan skin, and large foreheads. They both wear traditional Asian clothing consisting of a sash a shirt with slight sewed areas near the chest, and matching pants with shoes. For Zin the good, he wears white clothing with a red sash while Zang the bad wears red clothing with white sash.


Zin is kind and caring, but also initially a coward which made him an easy target forZang as the two had to combine to be the drgon. While Zin as loyal to the city he grew weary of his duties and doubtful of himself, destroying the balance between him and Zang allowing Zang to take control. Zang is bad and represents anger and selfishness, as he enjoyed forcing his will over Zin and was bossy and demanding. However, Zin eventually manags to stand up to Zang and restore the balance, becoming the rightful protector of Pei Ling City and finally finding peace within himself.


Opposites Detract

As Aladdin and friends head to Pei Ling City, Aladdin notices Zin Lao gets surrounded by wolves. Aladdin and the others rescue him. After getting rid of the wolves, Zin tells Aladdin that there is a dragon and runs and faints. Aladdin brings him to Pei Ling City, but rather than grateful, tells Aladdin the dragon is coming and he has brought disaster by bringing him back. A parade occurs, causing Aladdin to doubt a dragon is nearby but his words come true as Zang comes and transforms with Zin to become the dragon that attacks the city. Aladdin and Genie manage to stop the dragon but the dragon escapes from its box prison. The mayor offers silk for his capture. Later that night on dragon patrol, Aladdin and friends run into Zin again who says the dragon won't come as long as he is with them. Zin goes with Aladdin and Abu to search south for the dragon while Genie Iago and Carpet search the North. Genie and the others run into Zang and tell him he was supposed to be with Zin. Zang catches up to Zin and transforms into the dragon again. Aladdin hops onto the dragon and tries to steer and tame him to no success. They hit a bridge and Genie builds a brick prison, causing Zin and Zang to revert and Zang escapes. The gang realizes Zin was telling the truth and that he and Zang make the dragon, with Zang explainig the balance was lost between the two when Zin started doubting his duties. Zang tries to control Zin and Iago tries to get them to transform into the dragon so they can capture him and turn him in for the reward. His words begin to annoy Zin who learns to stand up against Zang. Zang tries to attack Aladdin but Zin catches up to him and Zin is back in control. The dragon turns from red to white, symbolizing the balance is restored and he repairs all the destroyed buildings.



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