Zoran is an absent-minded sorcerer who once worked for the evil Hassan.


Zoran is a moderately skilled sorcerer capable of transforming things and animals, however he tends to mix up his transmutations, such as transforming a target into an ostrich when he in fact intended to turn them into a swan. His power does not come from natural talent though, instead he relies on his magic wand, a powerful artifact that has been in his family for generations which is the only reason his spells don't go horribly awry and without his wand he is powerless. The wand's power can be greatly enhanced by combining it with The Sultan's Mystical Blue Diamond Ring.


A Thief in the Night

Zoran was a lowly sorcerer who worked for Hassan who had come to Agrabah with Hassan and became the talk of the town. Hassan then invited the Sultan, his acquaintances and supposedly all of the elite in Agrabah to a private dinner party he was hosting. Upon arriving, The Sultan, Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu and Iago were surprised to find that they were the only guests, to which Hassan admitted that he wanted this to be a really private affair. He then kept asking the Sultan about his Mystical Blue Diamond Ring throughout the party, almost obsessively so. He then introduced the mediocre sorcerer Zoran who would serve as their entertainment. Iago and Abu having grown bored with the party and the lack of food they were being given decided to raid the kitchen for a real meal. While they were happily gorging, they happened to stumble upon a private conversation between Hassan and Zoran who had briefly left the party, where Iago overheard them discussing their evil plan to steal the Sultan's magical ring and use it to enhance Zoran's wand which would allow the duo to take over Agrabah and possibly beyond.

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